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Providing You International Transfer Services

for Your Loved One

If your family member, friend or loved one lived overseas, Boyko Funeral Home can assist in shipping them home for their funeral service. We provide complete transfer services. Contact us regarding pricing information.

We are experts in dealing with all services of shipping your loved one home to perform a funeral service in their honor.  We take the hassle off your hands and take care of the shipping for you.

Bring your loved

one home

Losing someone you love is difficult, especially if they lived out of the states and didn't get to see them as often as you liked.


Don't worry about figuring out how to get your family or friend home.  Our experienced staff will do it for you.  Call us today for pricing.

Have your family

shipped home

Are you suffering from a loss of a loved one that happened out of the country, and unsure of how to get them home?


Our EXPERIENCED funeral home handles the shipping service for you and your family. Prices vary on where they are shipped from.

Call today to have your loved one shipped home for their funeral: