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Share the Memory of Your Loved One

Remember the happy memories that you have of your loved one with Boyko Funeral Home's media memory service. You have the option to provide us photos that we can display in the background of your funeral service.

Our funeral home has been in business for over 25 years. You can supply 3 to 50 images. We will share your memories of your loved one with family and friends. Make the service special, and display your childhood memories up to the present.

Showcase your loved one

on display

Your media memory is designed as a video of photos to remember the good times you shared together, and will be created with your choice of music.


We have been serving you and other families for 2 generations. We know it's not an easy time, and want to help celebrate your loved one's memory.





Creative media


Add a special touch to your funeral service with a media memory photo video professionally done by our experienced staff for $85.00.


They will help comfort your family members and guests to remind them of the precious moments and achievements of your loved one.

Share the memories of your loved one with our media memories collage. Call today: